Desktop and Laptop Repair

 When it comes to IT solutions, Triple Tech Solutions is here to solve all your needs. We service the greater Los Angeles area. Performing Computer Repair in Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills. We can Create, design, publish and update your website. We also offer printing services, from business cards, flyers, catalogs, and more. Simply put, no one else can match our business expertise and resources. Techs are CompTIA A+ Certified and Microsoft Certified, trained by a Microsoft Certified Trainer. 

Diagnostics - Checkup & Tune-up 
(Duration 2-3 hours)

Our certified Techs will troubleshoot your computer, find exactly what is wrong with it and provide you with expert Solutions. 

Using our TripleTech software library our Techs will make sure your computer is optimized to its top level of performance. We will clean out unneeded applications and apply the latest available updates and security fixes. 

Our techs will aim to remove dust build up from inside your Desktop or Laptop, efficiently cooling your computer.


Credited Towards Repairs

Virus/Spyware Removal & Protection
(Duration 3-4 hours)

Includes everything in our "Checkup and Tune-up" package plus our Techs will solve your issues of Malware (Viruses, Pop-ups, Spyware, Trojans, Rootkits , etc.) and/or Operating System (Startup, Blue Screen, Restart Loops, Logon, Missing OS Files, etc.) 

Techs will extensively run TripleTech protection tools to remove viruses, malware programs, fake antivirus software, spyware, adware, trojans, and rootkits. Also repair any damage done to your operating system. 

Our Techs will also install and update protection software (Antivirus, Firewall, Antimalware) to help prevent your computer from being attacked and infected again. 
Antivirus and protection tools are included in this package.


Operating System Install/Upgrade
(Duration 2-3 hours)

Our Techs will take the headache out of Installing/Upgrading your operating system. Install the latest version you have, helping keep your computer up to date and performing like new. 

Certified Techs will install all drivers and updates, software you require and also configure all security and performance settings.


Hardware Install
(Duration 1 hour)

Techs will professionally install computer peripherals (Internal/External) to your home or office computer. They will also setup and configure drivers/software for the component. (Printer/Graphic card/Hard Drive/MP3 Player/CD-ROM Drive/Memory/Multifunction Devices/Wireless Cards/etc.)


Software Install
(Duration 1 hour)

Techs will install software application, updates, and configure the application on your system. A simple training on using your new software and transfer of old software data if possible. 
Software is not included in this package.


Laptop Hardware Repair
(Duration 2-5 hours)

Our Techs can repair a number of Laptop hardware issues; DC Jack repair, Charger malfunction, Damaged LCD screens, No video output, motherboard damage, hard drive repair/replacement, CD-ROM drive repair, etc.) 
Some parts are covered under this package.


Apple Repair

Prices are in line of those provided for PCs. We do not charge extra for working on Apple equipment.

From old models to new ones Techs can diagnose, troubleshoot, service, upgrade and repair your Mac or other Apple product.

Triple Tech Solutions provides many of the same services we have on Windows PCs.
We also service iOS items (iPhones, iPads, etc.)

Our Techs have extensive experience in dealing with Apple products. Some of the items we provide technical support for are...
iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPads, iPhones, iPods

Data Backup and Recovery  

Data Backup on CD/DVD up to 9.4GB
(Duration 1-2 hours)

Techs will save your vital data on a CD/DVD, Internal/External Hard Drive, USB Memory Stick or another Computer up to 9.4GB. Includes backup of application data. (QuickBooks, POS, Word, Excel, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc.)
One time backup only. CD/DVD included.

(Starting at)

Data Backup - Unlimited
(Duration 2-6 hours)

Techs will save all your precious data on CD/DVD, Internal/External Hard Drive, USB Memory Stick or another Computer. Includes backup of application data. (QuickBooks, POS, Word, Excel, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc.)
One time backup only.


Automatic Data Backup Setup
(Duration 2-3 hours)

Our Techs will setup automatic data backup for your important data and configure it to an alternate source (Internal/External Hard Drive, Memory Stick, Network Attached Storage, Internet Storage, etc.).
Add an External USB 250GB Hard Drive $59.99.


Data Recovery
(Duration 3-8 hours)

Techs can professionally recover your data from a Logical Corruption or Physical Damage (File System formatted, Operating System reinstall, Files deleted or recycled, Software malfunction, Virus intrusion, Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration, Hard Drive Clicks, Water damage, Exposure to extreme temperatures, Shock or force sustained, Defective mechanical or electronic components, Spike or surge in power source, Degrading read/write heads). Time is very critical, please power off system and bring it in as soon as possible. We can recover data from Hard Drives, USB memory sticks, flash cards, and CD/DVD discs.
In the event that we cannot  recover data there is no charge.


Offsite Data Backup 
(Duration 1-2 hours)

Techs can come to your business/home and design an offsite backup system. We can schedule Daily, Weekly or Monthly backups.


 Printing & Graphic Design Services

Printing Services and Graphic Design are provided. Call us about designing your Logo, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Website etc. 

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