Triple Tech Solutions know there is something special about your business, and we work with you to implement the technology to complement your special qualities, rather than try to change your business to fit technology. 

Instead of pouring money on unnecessary technologies, let Triple Tech Solutions evaluate the ways you would best benefit from our IT services. 

Triple Tech technicians follow a robust and effective five step process to provide your business with technology to move forward and simplify your IT needs:

    1. We set up a site survey to study and learn current procedures that make your business run.

    2. Techs explore all possible technologies, including hardware, software and networking that can be put in place to increase productivity and streamline your business.

    3. Our research is put into action. We aim to bring the biggest return on investment possible, while keeping costs down.  

    4. Techs examine the execution of the plan. We make the necessary adjustments if needed and educate vital employees.

   5. Expert support is maintained after our final survey. Any questions or training will be answered by certified technicians.

Triple Tech Solutions recognizes what is important to your bottom line. You need to cut costs where possible and increase productivity to increase profits. Technology is viewed by most as an unavoidable expense. We look at it as an opportunity to lower costs and increase productivity. Our certified technicians will not recommend spending money and resources into areas of waste and inefficiency.

Microsoft Certified


Microsoft Certified